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Which Tools are Needed for Gutter Cleaning in Tampa, FL?

July 19, 2022

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When was the last time you tackled gutter cleaning in Tampa, FL? If you’re like most homeowners, you probably put off this unpleasant task as long as possible! However, clogged gutters risk water damage to exterior walls and property foundations. Roof materials also absorb standing water from clogged gutters, damaging shingles, decking, and more.

If you know it’s time for Tampa gutter cleaning, check out some tips on the right tools to use. These ensure a fast yet thorough job every time! Also, consider why you might hire a pro for gutter cleaning, roof washing, and exterior power washing. In turn, you can keep your home in excellent condition and looking its best over the years!

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The Best Tools for Gutter Cleaning a Tampa FL Home

Trying to clean gutters by hand is time-consuming, messy, and even somewhat dangerous. Also, it’s unnecessary! The right tools allow you to scoop out, scrape, vacuum up, or even just blast away thick gunk and debris. To that end, note some recommendations for tools you’ll need when it’s time for residential gutter cleaning.

Gutter scoops

Gutter scoops look like scoops used to clean cat litter boxes. These slotted scoops are long and narrow and allow you to clean gutters without using your hands. Additionally, they’re easy to store and very affordable!

When purchasing a gutter scoop, ensure you check sizes against your property’s gutter size. If you’re not sure the gutter width on your home, opt for the narrowest scoop available. This will ensure you can fit that scoop into your home’s gutters without damage!

Telescoping cleaners

Telescoping cleaners lock onto garden hoses, allowing you to scrape and rinse gutters while staying safe on the ground. Most extend up to 26 feet so you can reach all those difficult areas needing cleaning. Also, telescoping cleaners allow you to rinse out downspouts and other areas along the roof more easily.

However, the downside to these tools is that you aren’t looking into the gutters while cleaning them. Consequently, you might overlook some dirt and debris. On the other hand, they’re excellent for anyone hesitant about using ladders or if you don’t even own a ladder!

Debris grabbing tools

If you’ve ever played the “claw game” at an amusement park, you might enjoy using debris-grabbing tools! These tools have a two-pronged claw at the end of a telescoping pole. Also, a fishing line allows you to use them while standing safely on the ground.

First, extend the pole over the gutters. Second, pull the fishing line to close the claw. Then, empty the debris away from the gutters as needed. These tools let you stay safe on the ground while pulling out even the thickest clumps of dirt.

Gutter nozzles for wet-dry vacuums

If you own a wet-dry vacuum, look for a gutter nozzle attachment. These telescoping poles extend to reach up and over the gutter. Consequently, you can literally vacuum out any dirt and debris while on the ground. However, this also means not being able to see those gutters as you work so you might miss some areas!

Blower attachments

Blower attachments fit on the end of leaf blowers and allow you to blast your gutters clean. Additionally, they’re great for removing powdery snow from gutters and for cleaning downspouts.

On the other hand, note that using blower attachments often means some mess around your property. Also, they might not work well for caked-on dirt, mud, and other like. Moreover, they also mean staying on the ground so you can’t see the gutters as you work!

When to Call a Pro for Gutter Cleaning

Even with the best tools, gutter cleaning is still difficult, messy, and unpleasant. Also, many people find that telescoping tools strain their shoulders, neck, and upper back. In turn, you might end up with clean gutters but a messy yard and physical discomfort after tackling those gutters!

With this in mind, consider when homeowners might choose professional gutter cleaning versus DIY tools and techniques. First, if you’ve neglected those gutters, they probably need heavy-duty cleaning that’s best left to a pro. Second, be honest about your physical condition! If DIY gutter cleaning might leave you in pain, call a professional.

Also, homeowners should never risk trying to manage a ladder if they’re not sure of themselves. Ladders are especially dangerous when you’re working with cumbersome gutter cleaning tools. Consequently, if you’re inexperienced with using ladders for home repair, call a professional.

Tampa Bay Pressure Washing Services is happy to provide this information about gutter cleaning for Tampa, FL homes. We hope you’ve found it useful! If you’re ready for expert cleaning around your property, call our Tampa Bay power washing contractors. We offer FREE quotes and guaranteed services. For more information, contact us today!

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