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ProClean EcoWash (Patent Pending)

Effective, Affordable Bleach-Free Roof Cleaning in Tampa, FL!

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Bleach Free

100% Safe

There's no bleach or harmful chemcials with EcoWash, so it's safe for  your family and pets.

Stop Moss Before it Starts

After the moss is gone, you won't have to worry about it coming back with regular treatments.
Save Cash

Our Maintenance Option

Traditional pressure washing services area a thing of the past with this revolutionary system.

Less Product

Ten gals less product and a lot less water are required for 2,000 square foot roof! 

How to Qualify for EcoWash

Let us look at your roof and see if you could benefit from EcoWash today!

The condition of your roof matters...

When your roof is already full of organic material that's continually reproducing, EcoWash isn't going to be effective. However, after one of our safe,soft pressure washing services, you can say goodbye to bleaching cleanings once and for all.

Our alternative to pressure washing and the environmentally friendly pressure washing solution will work just fine on roofs that are in good condition still. If you're not sure, set up an appointment and we will come and let you know what you need.

Whether you need a traditional pressure washing service, EcoWash, or both...we start you with a FREE, no-obligation quote first.
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Proven Results

Our cleaning formula is changing the way people pressure clean.
Step 1.


We do a thorough application of our safe pressure washing solution at a time that works for you.
Step 2.


EcoWash uses biostatic technology, so it will depend on the condition of your roof how long it will take to see results.
Step 3.


A speedy re-application every 12 months protects your home. Bye bye expensive pressure washing!

Exterior Pressure Washing You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Biostatic cleaning affects the behavior of mold. Our EcoWash is effective without the need for harmful chemicals. (Patent Pending)

ProClean EcoWash - What Makes it Better than the Rest?

You don't neglect your health, finances, car, or anything else that's important in your life, and you shouldn't neglect your roof either. Start with a traditional pressure washing if you need t. Then our EcoWash system will be all you ever need again.

ProClean EcoWash is the first product of its kind to deliver superior without the risks associated with bleach and other cleaning agents. It not only destroys organic materials with it's time-release action, it also acts as a preventative solution.
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Our safe formula can come in contact with:
Roofing, siding, pavers, wood, metal, etc.
All plant life
Family members and pets
100% SAFE for everything!


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Our house looks amazing! They got years of dirt and grime off in an instant. Would definitely recommend!"
Mile C.
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We have the answers you're looking for.

How long does it take to work?

EcoWash by ProClean is a biostatic formula. It stops the multiplication of an organism. How long it takes will depend on the roof's condition. Request a quote, and we'll assess your property and give you a free estimate!

How does it without the same agents as other chemicals?

Organic matter absorbs the product thinking it's sugar! Then mold is unable to reproduce, dies, and won't grow for up to 12 months!

What are the advantages to consider?

EcoWash is safer for your surfaces, plants, pets, and kids, and better for the environment. It also lasts longer! For maintenance, we can perform a fast preventative application which prevents regrowth, stops the need for pressure washing, and saves you cash!

Nothing Compares to ProClean EcoWash. Try it Now!

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